• The Chest with a Trap
  • The chest after the explosion
  • Surprise attack!
  • A small box
  • The Coach
  • Secret Switch
  • Alcazar's Last Bastion
  • The Main Switch
  • The Switch to the Secret Room upwards
  • The Secret Room with the Switch
  • The Switch downwards
  • The Main Switch Finally Ready to Press
  • The Switch to Activate the Platform
  • Key to Zerobilon

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Quest InformationEdit


Quest Giver This quest starts from a simple trapped chest (on the road from Erothin to Ledur) to the assault of the Zerobilon Tower. Icon nq12 80
NPCs Sildonar Smuggler, Bandit of Sildonar, Adrak, Alcazar,
Locations Showground, Coach (A Fiery Welcome), Alcazar's Last Bastion


While exploring the world, you come across a mysterious chest that explodes the same moment you touch it. The quest is pretty complex and will lead you through various stages and places.

Getting the quest: On the trail leading from Erothin to Ledur just southwest of the showground there is a box (it is named Chest and it is just in the middle of the road, you can't miss it). It will set off a fire trap when you open it. A couple of bandits will then rush out of the woods and attack you, and a quest screen will appear telling you that the bandits had a clever strategy and to investigate the area for more clues.


Small BoxEdit



Head northeast quite a way down the hill. There is a small box (crate) on some rocks hidden behind a bush (check the exact location by looking at the green marker on the map). Inside there will be some instructions that tell you to head downhill to a coach. READ the instructions and wait for the quest update. Go inside the coach.

The CoachEdit

Killing AdrakEdit


Request (Note)

When entering the coach, you will find Adrak waiting for you. He will attack you, so you need to kill him. When he dies, he will set off two of the fire traps that were in the chest, so be careful. The quest will then update, telling you to find clues to point towards the source of the traps.

A RequestEdit

In the coach you will find a request written to the prince talking about the Tower of Zeroblion as well as a note on Adrak himself. READ both of them. After reading these notes, the quest will be updated again. Do make sure that you also looted the Key from Adrak's body. It will be necessary to leave the Coach.
Adrac notes about Alcazar

Adrak notes about Alcazar

Getting OutEdit

There is a lever in the corner on the ceiling (just above the family herb) which must be activated before the door to the coach can be unlocked with the key. To sum it up, first activate the lever and then open the door to the coach with the Key looted from the Adrak's body.

Alcazar's Last BastionEdit

Open the First PassageEdit

Head to the waypoint on your map and you will arrive at Alcazar's Last Bastion. You have to get rid of some guards (summoners and skeletons) before you can enter. Upon entering, your quest log will update with the infomation that you should focus your actions on finding Alcazar. In the very first room you will notice that the passage is blocked. Investigate the columns in the room and you should find two Crystal Switches (one on each column). Activate them and the passage in the center will open.

Open the Second PassageEdit

Once inside, you will eventually come to a fork in the path right after a switch that is surrounded by green glowing crystals. At this point, do not get concerned too much about this switch: when you press it now, it does not seem to work. (The passage in front of you will open only if you activate other Switches scattered around the ruins and the two stands just by the passage start glowing with purple flames and a switch in the greenish area).

Note: You can activate the other Switches in any preferable order.

  • To the left (up the stairs) is a room with a bunch of Gates all around. There are also some summoners, reapers and skeletons, as well as chest with potions scattered about. At the back of this room (with a skeleton on a pedestal) there is a switch that opens a secret room (just near the skeleton corpse, to the east), where you can find Shadow Greaves. There is also a switch in this secret room. Press it. The purple flame in the room will go out and you will light the purple fire just by the main passage with the switch in the greenish area. Leave this room and go back to the fork in the path (the one in the greenish area).
  • To the right (down the stairs) you will need to watch your step as some Iron Blades will be waiting for you along with two reapers. At the end of this room there is another switch with another purple flame. Press this as well. It will activate and light up another stand with a purple flame just by the greenish area.

Now go back to the fork, and you'll be able to press the green main switch.

Kill AlcazarEdit

Inside, Alcazar awaits you; kill her, and then press the switch in the back right corner of the room. A platform starts moving up and down, which allows you to get the equipment up by the actual throne. Pick up the Key to Zerobilon among other armor pieces and this quest is now done - feel free to explore Zerobilon.


Generally, the reward in this quest is the EX that you get from killing enemies and the loot that you find.





Pinpointed location of Alcazar's Last Bastion.

Alcazar Last Bastion map

Alcazar's Last Bastion map


Showground Location


Chest location


Quest JournalEdit

The use of the console is same like in Oblivion. Description how to use console commands can be found here.

A Fiery Welcome NQMinentruhe
Stage End Q Journal Entry
5 On the road between Salen and Erothin I encountered two bandits who use quite a devious tactic. A traveler will find a chest in the middle of the road with the promise of gold and treasures. However, on opening it the traveler is welcomed by a fireball and weakened by it. They are then attacked from behind. I should search the area for clues about how this mechanism works.
10 According to these highwaymen's briefing I should go "down to the coach" and will meet someone there who knows about such traps. It's just another question how friendly this someone will be seeing me...
20 I was able to kill Adrak, the Sildonar mechanic. Unfortunately it seems as if he owned not more than two mines, and he activated both of them against me when he realized that he was a dead man. I'll need to search for the source on my own. Let's see if anything within this coach can help me.
25 Adrak visited Alcazar's Last Bastion and noted down some peculiarities of this temple in order to keep the option of an attack in available range. I could also take profit from it...
30 I arrived in Alcazar's Bastion. Now I need to find Alcazar herself.
40 Within Alcazars throne room I found a key to Zerobilon, the ancient tower at Nehrim's north coast. Now I can do my own research in the ruin. One thing is clear: If I really will find the remains of Treomar's most skilled thieves there, I won't gain them without fighting...
45 End The mines seem to come from Zerobilon, the ancient tower at Nehrim's north coast. Since I already have the key to the ruin, I can do my own research in the ruin. One thing is clear: If I really will find the remains of Treomar's most skilled thieves there, I won't gain them without fighting...


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