Adult Pit Rat01

Adult Pit Rat

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Lvl Type Health Damage Magic EP Respawn Soul Editor ID
1 Creature 50 8 0 40 Yes Petty 04Grubenratte
7 Creature 140 22 0 140 Yes Petty 14AusgewachseneGrubenratte
Type of attack Immunity Weakness
Melee N/A N/A
Editor ID Rat Meat


They carry LL0diseaseRat25 which means a 75% chance of catching the following disease:

  1. Witless Pox - Drain intelligence 5 Pts
  2. Shakes - Drain agility 5 Pts
  3. Red Rage - Drain strength 5 Pts, Drain willpower 5 Pts
  4. Bone Break Fever - Drain strength 5 Pts
  5. Blood lung - Drain endurance 5 Pts
  6. BrainRot - Drain strength 5 Pts
  7. Feeble Limb - Drain strength 5 Pts


Level 1Edit

Level 7Edit

Items DroppedEdit


Only Adult Pit Rat Level 1 with learned Hunting Skill


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