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Adventurer's DiaryEdit

Line625 First Entry
I have decided to visit the ruins of Iselasa. Long ago they were the home of the noble-born Isela family. I talked with the mages at the Sanctum. They indicated that the ruins should be in the woods somewhere west of the small village of Sildren. They advised me to be very careful. I asked why? The mages told me that there are many rumors and unpleasant legends related to the Isela family. Family heirlooms included two special Light Weapons, blessed by the Eliath, rewards from the gods for glorious deeds done by the family.

All the legends agree that Lady Isela bore triplets, three sons: Cederic, Gandhar and Elledan. Sometime after the death of Elfen Isela, the brothers began fighting over the family inheritance. After much discussion the two younger brothers decided to divide it into three equal shares. Cedric, firstborn of the triplets, felt cheated but could not overrule his brothers.
Cedric went to Treomar and asked the Shadow Mages for help. He promised them a share of the family inheritance. The mages made him an offer he could not refuse: they used dark magic to transform Cedric's body. He became immortal. Cedric then returned to the family home.

Over time his body did not age. Now, all Cedric had to do was wait until his two brothers died. Then the entire inheritance would be his. His two brothers learned of the plan and disputed with Cedric. The two younger brothers teamed up against Cedric and tried to cut him out of the Isela inheritance. Cedric was furious. He grabbed the Light Sword from over the fireplace and stabbed his two brothers.

Second Entry:
The Mages were right. I actually found the old ruins west of Sildren. I do not know if Cedric is still alive after all these years. But the family wealth should be conveniently near by.
[Some pages have been torn from the diary]

Sixth Entry:
I desperately need to get to the Mages at the Sanctum. My wounds are too great to be healed with ordinary magic. I must dare the dangerous journey through the forest. It was a mistake to go to...


Introduction to the quest The Renegade Brother.

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