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Almanac about MagicEdit


1st Act: General Remarks on Magic

In today's times there is not a more controversial subject - magic. Due to the persecution of mages by the Gods, the question whether something such as magic even existed repeatedly came up. The answer to this question is a definite yes. It exists and works whether or not you believe in it. Nearly every one of us has come in contact with magic at some point.

But what is magic really?
The worlds are pervaded by a structure of arcane energy that stabilizes them and makes sure that they don't fall apart. Magic can be used when a fraction of this arcane magic is deducted which then flows through the body of the mage. Because the energy needs some time to rebuild itself again, the power of the spell depends on the arcane power of the caster. Particularly powerful and talented magical creatures are said to have managed to strip the energy from their surroundings and to change it. Examples of this are portals and arcane sanctums. Though one must be very careful here, for there is danger that the structure of the world tears or even rips apart which could have catastrophical consequences. Nexus crystals can enhance this effect.

How is magic cast?
This is a question that can not with all the will in the world really be answered. But one thing is clear; magic works, that is indisputable.
Is it concentration or telepathy that makes a spell work? We do not know. Generally, only a few seem to be able to use magic at all. The talent for it is hereditary and there are no reports of anyone without this talent managing to use magic.
All in all, magic remains a mystery.

2nd Act: Magical Beings and Spectral Beings

Spectral beings are creatures made entirely of pure arcane energy and therefore do not have any physical existence. They are to be found mostly in magically charged places and near Aeterna armies. There are several things that can change a physical being into a spectral or intangible being. One of them is the transformation of the Eliath.

When an Eliath dies, he transforms from a being of pure light to an absolute emptiness, that is the complete absence of light or darkness. The field of emptiness that remains changes all ghosts and souls nearby into spectral beings and similar creatures, until the field has collected enough material energy to manifest the Eliath again. Thereby, the life cycle of the Eliath is one of light, darkness and resurrection.


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