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An acolyte asks, a theologian answersEdit


An acolyte asks, a theologian answers

[Whoever read this pamphlet, has marked three words conspicuously.]

Question: An edict from Jagal has set the production and use of mind-altering alchemy as punishable. Why?

Answer: The Creator has designed our minds in a way that even the smallest of them are able to recognize his greatness and power. Expansion and altering of mind is heresy. Mostly, it is a mere pretext for renegade and malicious alchemists to distribute poisons and addictive drinking among the population and to undermine the divine order of society, to move its most upright and devout members to insulting and offensive behavior.

Question: Did not Arthorn the scholar in his research praise the benefits of psychedelic substances?

Answer: This is not an argument for two reasons. Arthorn has been an apostate of the temple; his writings on Ostian's edicts are not valid and do not belong to the pillars of the doctrine.

[... The arguments continue in a similar fashion, but you do not find any more markings.]


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