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Ancient diaryEdit


I have never seen in the whole of Vyn such a hall. Who would have thought it possible that an ancient civilizations eons of years ago could build a hall in the middle of the deep sea?

The procurement of stone for this hall is as old as Inodan above. It seems as if Inodan was built specifically over it. Definitely it was not created by the gods. But by whom?

I feel if - if it were possible, a way to trick destiny, I will find out down here. The answer is below. All of this was here already, before a predestination destroyed the lives of people - or my life.

Am I to have taken away all this pain for nothing? Have the gods destroyed them even here. All for nothing? Do all who have died through my work or the work of others mean anything at all.

"Such a storm in the Battle of the latest dispute
Conjuring the storm that will destroy
And Tel'Imaltath, Shadow Messenger, sole purpose."

Sole purpose... I should perhaps have known earlier, I would have thought to analyze the exact verse of that damned predestination!

But is not it strange? All the people who stood close, who have known me, are dead. Their destiny was to be of those who do not survive this game. Their death means nothing to me. Nothing more.

Such feelings were extinguished long ago in me. But a desire is still burning in my cold heart.

The desire for revenge.


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