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Ancient diary, fourth partEdit


"Not for evil will he argue,
Not to good will he yield;
There are two brothers, their hands are reaching,
A shadow and a light, neither in opposition."

Here it is said that the shadow of God is a neutral person who stands between good and evil. It probably means as little as that shadow and the light are just two sides of a coin, but not contradictory.

"On blood and ashes he will build
The rule of man, sublime and free;
The work, completed, received splendid,
Until the true ruler calls toll."

What the hell is the true ruler? This verse gives me my worries. I need to somehow make this damn predestination proceed immediately before this event arrives. I'm feeling more anger against the creators of this predetermination. It has destroyed everything. Everything. I have destroyed innumerable enemies and still my dark heart requires more.

All things must eventually have an end. This is the heart of the world. Is it destructible? Then dies the world? If all else fails and I cannot stop destiny, I leave this world's destruction then in the hands of another ruler of destiny.

If at some point there enters a different Shadow God to this place, I leave you my notes. Brings an end to where I failed.


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