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Ancient diary, part twoEdit


Damn. The passage has been buried by debris, apparently, the course did not withstand the enormous pressure here.

Fortunately, I have found this chamber. Apparently, the hall was been visited long before the time of Star People, these wetsuits were left here. So that one could succeed to find in the deep sea a further way into this vault.

Would it not be ironic if I did not survive this dive? The butcher of the gods drowns in the sea! Ha!

Is there any other choice me, no?

All that I am now, destruction, extermination and vengeance cries out to judge the creators of Destiny for their crimes against the human race. On my heels follows destruction.

If ever another Shadow God may read these words, the following words need to be said: Soon an incessant hunger will spread in you and you will suffer enormous pain. There is only one cure for this suffering: The hunger must be appeased. Slay, the pain will stop. Fail and you will suffer.

Kill. People, gods, whomever. They deserve death. They all deserve deaths. However, you will be a God among men.


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