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Arcane Sanctums and the OrderEdit


Arcane Sanctums and the Order

The Order of the Mages is often referred to as "Sanctum", in the common tongue, but this name is not correct. A sanctum is a building used for controlling magic. The term has derived from the fact that the largest sanctum in Nehrim is also the headquarters of the Order.

Together with Narathzul Arantheal and Barateon, Merzul undertook the first attempt of a revolt against the Light-Born, known as Gods in the common tongue. After this failed, Arantheal captured and Barateon renouncing himself from the covenant, Merzul brought the Order of the Mages into being. He intended to preserve Arantheal's idea for all time so that Arantheal, upon being freed, would have enough followers to lead another attack on the Light-Born.

A sanctum is a rotunda with a dome. In the middle of the building, a large ray of magical energy flows from a device in the roof into a holding centre in the floor. This ray emerges from an extreme concentration of magical threads that are everywhere in the air, invisible to the eye.

By concentrating the magical threads, the sanctums make sure they keep their stability even during great fluctuations in the magical structure. For example: without this concentration, the magical contamination in the Southrealm could have spread much further.


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