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Avenzin's Words Volume IEdit


Avenzin's Words Volume I

Written down by Simon W. Autenrieth

"And so every one of you shall see what has alas been hidden to your eyes."
Benjamin Avenzin II

"Heed my words, dear people. Listen to my benignly words and fill your empty, unknowing heads with my generous wisdom. Here and now I stand before you to announce to you something beyond your belief.

For I, Benjamin Avenzin the Second, have seen an era of innovation! Yes, you heard me correctly, young man. I can assure you, what I saw and will see is perfectly true. Now, now, dear people, this is no reason to shake your heads in emotions of pure envy and to turn your faces from my humble self.

Do listen to me when I try to help you to some knowledge. For the future, my dear friends, will be simply bright and lovely. The sky will be clear of clouds, the seas will be tamed, the fishing will be more fruitful and the increasing produce from the fields will be making your purses cheer with joy and feed up the farmers as much as their fattest cow.

I know, I know, you are looking at me out of skeptical and ignorant eyes. But I can assure you, really. All these wonderful things will be achieved by people with pure hearts and untouched souls; those free of repulsive and destructive witchcraft and blessed with divine and accessible machinery.

Imagine what could become of our beloved kingdom! What we could create! What we could achieve if every one of you contributed his modest share? Look proudly into your mirrors after the work is done, knowing well that the Gods will welcome you joyously into their open arms.

Imagine how you could be living! Where you could live and with whom you could live, away from the sinful, murky pool of the striving pack of devils of twisted curses.

Think of the victims! The innocent souls that have already fallen to your blind slaughter. Think of the fire that you have ripped from hell to devour innocent beings with your false tongues.

See what I have seen! Look at this truely wonderful future that could be yours. Raise your hands against the bloodthirsty lowlives from hell that have your children on their conscience and send that vermin back to where it came from, to hell.

And know the Gods will be with us, with us, AND ONLY WITH US!"


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