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Avenzin's Words Volume IIEdit


Avenzin's Words Volume II

Written down by Simon W. Autenrieth

"And so every one of you shall hear what has alas been concealed to your ears."
Benjamin Avenzin II

"Heed my words, for they are words of might and strength. They tell of war and of the downfall of a nation. You don't believe me? Then let me convince you. Listen to me and my speech and you will not regret it.

Have you heard the rumours, the talk that is circulating?
Have you heard it? The blasphemous begging from the depths of hell?

Close your ears! Do not let yourselves be distracted from your daily duties. For they are the whispered words of evil. Do not listen to them, for they twist your mind. They rob you of your soul, leave you like an empty shell of a mudcrab that has been broken apart by a bear. They make you serve THEM. They make your bodies marionettes of the puppet master. Forever skipping and dancing to the beat of their wishes and disgusting inclinations, only to sacrifice you to their terrible god in the end.

Is that what you want? Do you want to be slaves to their words? Tools of their dark prince?
NO! You don't! You do NOT!

So hurry on by when you hear their voices. Vanish when their mumbled curses find their way to your ears, before it's too late. Don't let them get you, defend yourselves against their dark will and tell the guards if any suspicious vermin cross your paths, so that they can stand up bravely to the arm of hell and put an end as painful as possible to the sinful life of this creature.

Don't pretend you are deaf. Open your ears, but make sure that you don't linger long enough for them to devour you.

With help from every one of you, our future can become much brighter. For it is not our nation that will fall, but the one that crawls to the surface out of the gates of hell.

Protect your children! Care for your neighbours and mourn for your dearly departed!

And know that the Gods will be with us, with us, AND ONLY WITH US!"


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