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Battlemage ArmorEdit

Heavy Armor

Name Price Weight Health Defense Enchantements ID

Battlemage Boots

550 15,75 950 8,00 N/A 0021B10F
Battlemage Cuirass 200 40,0 1900 14,00 N/A 0021401E
Battlemage Gauntlets 100 10,5 950 9,00 N/A 0021401B
Battlemage Greaves 230 21,0 1200 9,00 N/A 0021D8F6
Battlemage Helm 250 10,5 950 8,00 N/A 0021059B
Battlemage Robe 1500 26,5 1900 20,0 N/A 00214018
Battlemage Shield 200 21,0 1425 16,0 N/A 0021059E
Battlemage Blocking Staff 120 5,00 1000 14,00 N/A 001FEED9

Battlemage Armor Set Male Battlemage Armor Set Female
Battlemage Armor Male
Battlemage Armor Female

Battlemage Robe Set Male Battlemage Robe Set Female
Battlemage Robe Male
Battlemage Robe Female


This are Base Values. The feautures of Weapon/Armour depends of player Skills.

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