Troll Black

Black Troll

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Lvl Type Health Damage Magic EP Essential Soul Drops
1 Creature 550 25 50 150 Yes Common Eaten Key
Type of attack Immunity Weakness
Melee N/A N/A
Editor ID SchattenrufAlptraumTroll01 - 001AB064


General DescriptionEdit

The troll is first encountered when you and Celebro search for an exit from the Shadow Song Mine. Celebro gets killed by the Troll and you have to manage on your on from this time on. As the Troll is extremely powerful, it is recommended to avoid him whenever possible. The Troll is different from the Cave Trolls that you encountered previously, its fur is pitch black and the troll appears strange.

Defeating the Black TrollEdit

First, you need to find four torches. The detailed description on how to find them is in the breakthrough to Shadow and Light. Once you have the four torches, you can leave the room and proceed into the Troll's lair. Four torch holders surround this room. Fit the torches into these. (If you cannot sneak well enough to stay undetected by the Troll, you should try running. he is not that fast.) Simply use 'use' (spacebar) control to place the torches in the Logs (torch holders). The will fit automatically. With each torch placed in the holder, the Troll will receive significant damage. In total, you should find four torch holders. Finally, the Black Troll dies and you can recover the Eaten Key.


Items DroppedEdit



  • Avoid face to face confrontation with the Troll. He is extremely powerful.
  • Be sure that you follow every step of the quest as you are supposed to (Check this walkthrough if you are not sure how the quest should look like). Otherwise, the quest might get broken and and you will end up stuck in the mine unable to kill the Black Troll and get the Eaten Key.
  • The Black Troll is marked like essential, anyway his death is scripted.
  • If you intend to destroy the black troll before his death, you can do it easily with the Burning hand scrolls you obtained earlier.Two scrolls and a hit from the dagger should kill it

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