• ToxicCosmos

    Using Infoboxes

    June 3, 2011 by ToxicCosmos

    You may have noticed the Info Boxes on various pages (example to right). Any and all help to update all pages with available info boxes (see list at bottom) is very much appreciated.

    If you're new to Wikia, you may not know how to add Infoboxes to pages. Here's how it works:

    • Click page's Edit button
    • Set cursour in first line
    • Under the Insert section in the menu, click Template
    • Choose Other Template/Magic Word
    • In the search field type the name of the Infobox, ex: Infobox character
    • Choose desired Infobox and click Insert
    • Fill in given Paramaters in the left-hand column
      • Note: not all need to be filled in, those left blank will automatically be filled with default values
    • Click Ok

    When filling in the Image section in Paramaters, you need to put in the image's file name…

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  • TheHawkNe

    Never used a blog before. Just seeing how it works. Hope someone might enjoy the pics or poems

    I was going to leave a poem or two on the Blog (found some I wrote from when I was 13/15). But, so depressing and from so long ago.

    Ok. For the person who asked.

    A couple of excerpts from some long ago writings/ poetry (well I class it as such).

    Please remember it was written some time ago when I was but a child. I believed it had all been destroyed along with my art work. Found some art work I might try to scan and upload. Added a couple of my drawings below. You might need to magnify (even when full size) to see all details, as I only ever used 0.1 or 0.2 isograph/ architect pens. P.s. am going to move it all over to blog page in end, so will not b…

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  • Kassandra1


    December 28, 2010 by Kassandra1
    • Finish Main Quests - I try to edit at least a bit every day :) Any help with the existing quests would be much appreciated : spelling mistakes, adding photos, writing some notes (maybe known bug issues?), adding more detailed info. I think I will finally manage to end all of the main quests, but feel free to write articles for the ones at the beginning.
    • Adding to Creatures -but only these that I encounter during the main quest.
    • Writing/editing about main quest-related People with any new info that I find about them.
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  • ToxicCosmos

    Nehrim Wiki

    December 28, 2010 by ToxicCosmos

    Have you played Nehrim yet? You should!

    Nehrim is a total conversion of Oblivion, meaning you need the Oblivion disk (or image) to run it, but it has nothing to do with Oblivion itself. It's a whole new game with it's own characters, quests, lands, etc. Find out more.

    Anyway, I've been helping get the new wiki up, meaning adding as much information, images, etc as I can. We could all use some help, so if you're interested, go here.

    I'll be using this post to keep track of the stuff I've been working on - feel free to add to these pages!!

    • Faltrin Fortress - added creatures, npcs, an item, and a map containing location of creatures/npcs
    • Pickpocket of the Sildonar - created page. missing info on "other objects" and possibly some equipted items. St…

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