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Bone Flayer01

Bone Flayer

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Lvl Type Health Damage Magic EP Respawn Soul Editor ID
11 Undead 70 4 0 50 No Petty 11Knochenschinder
22 Undead 140 15 0 90 No Petty 22Knochenschinder
Type of attack Immunity Weakness
Melee see description N/A
Drops see description


They come always in large group, looks like baby-skeleton. They have the abilitty Undead Bone Resistances

Resist Disease 100 %
Resist Frost 20 %
Resist Paralysis 100 %
Resist Poison 100 %


Level 11

Level 22

Items DroppedEdit

Skeleton random drops (chance 80%):

Random weapons

  • Rusty Iron War Axe
  • Rusty Iron Warhamer
  • Iron Longsword
  • Rusty Iron Mace


They seem to be based off the Bone Flayers from Diablo II.

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