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Basic Statistics
Level 10
Health 300
Race Alemanne2
Class Warrior
Gender Male
Essential Yes*
BaseID -
RefID -


One of the gifted who blindly heeded the call to attend a meeting at a Shadow Song Mine. You are the one who saved him from an unfortunate fight with one of the Cave Trolls in the Mine. He is the one who points out that the trolls seem extremely vulnerable to torches. Having been lured to this perilous Mine and knocked unconscious by some mysterious people, he is extremely angry at those who sent the mysterious letters. He was able to survive only thanks to a sword, that he kept with him. He states that your situation is desperate as the mine is full of bloodthirsty creatures, which seem to feed on human flesh. While taking the lead at some point in the Mine, Celebro gets attacked and killed by a Black Troll.



Pickpocketed ItemsEdit



  • You should still be able to finish the main quest if he gets killed accidentally before encountering the Black Troll.
  • Celebro is Essential until the attack of the Black Troll.

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