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Council transcriptsEdit


Transcript of the Holy Council
Year 1017, Month 5, Day 11 after Treomar
Tyr has been consulting the holy Eliath under the town of Inodan. The Mothers of Fate believe that the threads of destiny in Nehrim have been shifted this day and a prophecy is coming into effect once again. The initial point is assumed to be a meeting organized by the members of the Mages' Sanctum, an organization known as heretical and terrorist for a long time, a sect devoted to the ideals of Arantheal. Today's Council has decided to finally take action against this organization. As a direct military assault could lead to conflict with a self-absorbed and egomanic tyrant Barateon, we are acting diplomatically and supplying Barateon with a forged memorandum given by our spies that attests that the organization is plotting an attack on Barateon's life. Barateon, seeing himself threatened, will then put an end to the organization by himself. With the fall of its leaders, the prophecy itself should be broken. This procedure is decided and agreed on by all Gods.

Tyr, God
Irlanda, Goddess
Malphas, God
Saldrin, God
Esara, Goddess
Not partaken in the decision has
Erodan, God †


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