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These people contributed to Nehrim Wiki. Thanks to them we have this source of information on this beautiful and stunning game.

Contributor Extra Information
Aalsper Places.
Allana2 Side Quests
Amyrlin671 Side Quests
Arcane322 Places
Artros385 Side Quests
Arvisrend SureAI member, general editing. ( ADMIN)<--SureAI
Avalon4 Side Quests
Beck82 The founder. (FOUNDER) <--inactive
BEJacobs Skills,lvelling
Blink1 Side quests. (ADMIN)<--inactive
Blunthammer Crafting
C4ke 333ter Quests
Chintzmas General editing.
Davide David Alchemy, ingredients, places.
DBThornes Side Quests
DebiDalio Places.
Defianc4 Armour, Magic Symbols.
Destiny Altered Places
Drumalex99 Places
Eamost Side Quests
Eckorve Side Quests
Fafou Tips for Beignners
Garnet1 General Nehrim Wiki managemet, everything in most detail. (ADMIN)
Gazook Places, Creatures.
Gaius1 Side Quests
Hellwig Ingredients, side quests
IreSilver Side Quests
Ixadias Magic Symbol, crafting.
Jasondet Side Quests
Kassandra1 General Nehrim Wiki management, Main Quests and everything in a bit. (ADMIN) <--active
Nagnorg Side quests.
Nitawo Places
Quillian1 General edits.
Roland Deschain of Giliad Our German-English translator.
Scebek Places, Quests
Sebasdesebas Creatures, everything in a bit.
Shatar0 Admin, general management, items. (inactive)
Squidmasher Armor
Taltamir Installation, Classes
TheHawkNe General management, everything in a bit. (inactive admin)
TheGunnerBoat Places. (inactive ADMIN)
Theodogeo Side Quests.
Tom E Gunn Places.
ToxicCosmos Our graphic designer, general management and lots of contributions in various articles. (ADMIN)
XSignax Quests.

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