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Death FairyEdit


Wanted Death Fairy Icon nq00i 80
Location The Burial Mound
Reward 700 Gold pieces

Death Fairy Bounty QuestEdit


A dangerous mage named Death Fairy resides above Baldur Bridge. She has a group of dark minions to aid her side.


Once you have received the new bounty mission, make the quest active, open your map and head towards the red marker. The cave is located east of Baldur Bridge. To find the entrance to the cave you need to climb up the hill a bit until you are on a rocky area. From this point on, it should be easy to locate the entrance.

Inside the cave you will find numerous Creatures. They are pretty easy to sneak on. When in the first room, be careful while walking on the unstable wooden bridge above the room with two creatures as you will be attacked by a Swinging Log and the wooden planks will start to fall apart. Take your time while exploring the cave, you might find a lot of useful loot: A Textbook, an Arcane Stone, Runes etc. (especially in the burial mounds - make sure you do have shovels in your inventory).

Do take notice of the dangling huge stone attached to a tight rope. To proceed further into the cave, you need to pull the stone. In the cave there are two stones to pull. The second stone will open an entrance that will lead you to the Death Fairy's chamber. Dispatch the boss and your quest log will update with the information that you have just heard a very disquieting noise. Three Bone Flayers will appear out of the blue and launch an attack on you. Once you have successfully dealt with them, head towards the exit. You wil notice another surprise: the way out will be blocked by an ominous looking Summoned Demon. Fortunately, the demon is not as challenging as the boss herself, so you should have no problems with tackling him. Once the demon is dead, you can finally leave the cave safely.

Go to the nearest city and collect your reward.

Quest JournalEdit



Next BountyEdit


  • Take your time while exploring the cave.You might find plenty of useful items.
  • Sneak on the boss. At least she will be partially wounded when fighting her.

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