Doom Bringer

Doom Bringer

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Lvl Type Health Damage Magic EP Respawn Soul Editor ID
6 Undead 84 5 200 60 No Lesser 06Unheilbringer
18 Undead 340 5 200 180 No Lesser 18Unheilbringer
18 Undead 340 5 200 180 No Lesser 18UnheilbringerStahltross
Type of attack Immunity Weakness
Magic N/A Weaknes to Fire 15 % (only Lvl 18)
Drops See description


There are two types of Doom Bringer.

One at Level 6 and the other is on Level 18.

The level 6 Doom Bringer uses the spell Life Damage 3 Pts.


Doom Bringer01

Doom Bringer

Level 6

Level 18

Items DroppedEdit

Level 6

Random items (chance 50%)


Level 18


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