• Way to Old Eastern Pass
  • East pass camping fire uhm roasted rat! Yummy.
  • Kobold's Camp
  • East pass green forests
  • East pass another view behind the iron curtain
  • Ruins at the exit

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Line625 East pass is an old road and the shortest way to reach the East coast of the Middlerealm. It begin east upon Arcane Sanctum and ends in the east over the Wingthor's Ascent.


East pass Location

East Pass location

East of the Arcane Sanctum on the main road.

Coordinates for Map marker: Ostpass (5, -1)


In Kobold Camp

In the end of the Pass

Items FoundEdit

In Kobold Camp


Plants (in the end of the Pass)

Old Eastern PassEdit

East Pass04

Old Eastern Pass

The old part of the passage carved into the rock and decorated with stone pillars


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