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The Vulcano Stream 03

Flame Elemental

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Lvl Type Health Damage Magic EP Respawn Soul Drops
15 Daedra 203 21 100 150 No Common 15Flammenelemantar
22 Daedra 300 35 200 220 No Common 20FlammenelemantarDaromith
40 Daedra 512 93 200 400 Yes Common 40Flammenelemantar
50 Daedra 960 98 200 500 No Common 50Flammenelemantar
Type of attack Immunity Weakness
Magic-Fire Resist Fire 50% N/A
Editor ID Fire Salt


Flame Elementals are found at various levels. Only the Level 40 respawn. They all resist fire 50% and use various magnitudes of fire spells:

  • Level15 and 22 - Fire damage 25 Pts
  • Level 50 - Fire damage 70 Pts


Level 15

Level 22

Level 40 (respawn)

Level 50


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