Frost Elemental

Frost Elemental

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Lvl Type Health Damage Magic EP Respawn Soul 'Editor ID'
13 Daedra 240 34 60 130 No Greater 13Frostelementar
38 Daedra 450 80 180 310 Yes Greater 30Frostelementar
Type of attack Immunity Weakness
Magic - Frost See description See description
Drops Frost Salt, random stones (only Lvl 38)


Frost Elemental come with different immunity and weakness: Level 13 attack with Frost spell magnitude 28.

  • Frost shield 10%
  • Frost Damage 28 Pts
  • Resist Frost 20%
  • Weakness to Fire 20%

Level 38 has not any immunity and weakness:. Attack with Frost spell magnitude 40.


Level 13

Level 38

Items DroppedEdit


Level 38 Frost Elemental can drop one of this stones:


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