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Gabor Gaboff
Basic Statistics
Level 50
Health 50
Race Alemanne1Gabor
Class Bard
Gender Male
Essential Yes
BaseID 001DF567


Lone WolfEdit

Gabors is a hermid living in a secluded house in the western part of the Desert. He does not support the Temple and does not follow its rules.

Dicing with DeathEdit

First encountered, he is in serious trouble as during one of his experiments with explosives he became trapped behind a wooden structure. Had it not been for your timely rescue, he would have been burnt alive. It is not the first time his storage was on fire, but never before has it been that dangerous and close to tragedy.

Penchant for ExplosivesEdit

He regards playing with fire and explosive as art. Explosives are his paintbrush and explosions his canvas. He is delighted to have been given the opportunity to explode such a thing as the statue.

An Honourable FellowEdit

One good turn deserves another. You have saved his life thus he feels morally obliged to do you a favour and he will willingly use his unusual skills to help your cause.


Gabor's House in the Southrealm Desert.

Pickpocketed ItemsEdit



  • He may be the subject of the book Gabor. If this is so, then Templar Janus may have once been his childhood friend ('Janos' in the book).
Gabor house 1

Gabor's House

Gabor Gaboff


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