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Gerold the Hunter
Gerold the Hunter
Basic Statistics
Level 40
Health 295
Mercantile 64 (Journeyman)
Gold 250
Race Alemanne1Bart01
Class Hunter
Gender Male
Essential No
Respawn No
BaseID 001D42A3
RefID -


A merchant found near the bridge in front of The Abby. He sells Hunting Books. The night he spends drinking in Asmiralda's Adventurers' Shelter.


Tirin Abbey


Weapons, Armor, Books, Ingrendients, Apparatus, Miscellaneous

Barter listEdit

Hunting Book (skinning)
Hunting Book (heart removal)
Hunting Book (heart removal)
Hunting Book (claw removal)
Hunting Book (talon removal)
Hunting Book (teeth extraction)
Bear Pelt
Wolf Pelt
Lion Hide

Pickpocketed ItemsEdit

  • Beer 2x
  • Iron Longsword


  • The barter list is based on items stored in merchant container. The barter list seen in game is longer due to the game engine where merchant sells also things which is the owner and also equipped items.

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