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Ghost Rider Lazael
Ghost Rider Lazael
Basic Statistics
Level 45
Health 810
Magicka 325
Race Undead
Class Mage
Gender Male
EP 500
BaseID -
RefID -


Type of Attack

  • Melee


  • Fire Shield 30 Pts
  • Reflect Damage 5 Pts


  • N/A


A heavily armoured, non-hostile undead that patrols the road through the Dark Forest on the way to Treomar with his rideable Ghost Horse.


On the road in Dark Forest.

Items DroppedEdit




Ghost Rider Lazael is not hostile towards the player and will flee from most non-player hostile wildlife (or unlife).

There is no bounty for attacking or killing him, though it will count as murder and assault in the stat screen.

It is recommended that you kite him around the swamp and pelt him with ranged attacks if possible as he hits hard and his sword drains strength, which could cause you to become over-encumbered if you are close to the weight limit

A player skilled in dodging attacks may still be able to take him down with melee weapons however as some of his attacks are quite slow.

His horse, though marked as stolen, can be quite useful for players who do not yet own one themselves, so be careful not to hit it and turn it hostile!

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