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God Erodan
Basic Statistics
Level 100
Health 1000
Magicka 250
Race Aeterna1
Class Archer
Gender Male
Essential No
Respawn No
BaseID -
RefID -


"Erodan was the guardian and ruler of the realm Nehrim, one of the largest continents of humans. Here he had the town of Erothin built from which he watched over the lands. According to legends, the town of Erothin was built at the place where the God Erodan destroyed the first Shadow God, aeons ago." (from The Gods)

Erodan, the god of Nehrim, was one of the Light-Born. He was killed by Narathzul Arantheal. After being killed he was trapped within the Soul Flayer and imprisoned by Narathzul.

"Your mind protects us against the further corruption of the magic.
Your light is the light of humanity."
(from Pray Chant )



Magic symbol22

Hope at the End of the World

Pickpocketed ItemsEdit



Erodan's Statue-0

Erodan's Statue

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