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Golag the Smith
Golag the Smith01
Basic Statistics
Level 13
Health 450 / 350
Mercantile 6 (Novice)
Gold 240
Race Normanne
Class Smith / Warrior
Gender Male
Essential Yes
BaseID 001AB9E4 / 00207FE4
RefID -
GolagDerSchmied / NQ03Golag


A smith in Giliad found in the city square. He is open from 8 am to 8 pm and sleeps in a Golag's House nearby . During the Side quest Team Spirit he takes part with other townspeople in freeing Marianne.


Services Edit

  • Barter
  • Repair
  • Training in Armorer and Heavy Armour
  • Possibility for Crafting - Anvil (T), Forge fire (T), Bellows (T), Water Trough (T), Grindstone (T)


Weapons, Armor, Clothing, Ingrendients, Miscellaneous

Barter listEdit

Iron Arrow
Iron Arrow of Fire

Leather Boots
Leather Bracers
Leather Cuirass
Leather Gauntlets
Leather Greaves
Leather Helmet
Leather Shield
Steel Blocking Axe
Steel Boots
Steel Cuirass
Steel Helmet
Steel Robe

Iron Battle Axe
Iron Dagger
Iron Longsword
Iron Mace
Iron Soul Robber
Leather Covered Bow
Lumberjack Axe
Runed Iron Claymore
Runed Iron Longsword
Runed Iron War Axe
Runed Iron War Hammer

Hammer (T)

Pickpocketed ItemsEdit


  • You can open his house in GIliad with the pickpocketed key.
  • The barter list is based on items stored in merchant container. The barter list seen in game is longer due to the game engine where merchant sells also things which is the owner and also equipped items.

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