• Mountain Monastery
  • Entering the Monastery
  • Kim is Back!
  • Meet Callisto
  • Fight some of the Barateon's Soldiers

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Quest InformationEdit


Quest Giver Guard Akarus Icon mq10 80
NPCs Guard Akarus, Kim, Callisto, Soldier
Locations The Mountain Monastery


You have arrived safely at the Monastery. Guard Akarus will lead you to Callisto, the head of the Order in the Northrealm. You can now impart to him the unfortunate news about Merzul and the dire situation of the Order.


Callisto's PlansEdit

Simply follow the guard to the Main Building of the Monastery. Inside you will find Kim, who will be extremely surprised and elated to see you. After having finished your conversation with Kim, enter Callisto's room. Report to him about the events that took place in the Arcane Sanctum. Due to Merzul's death, Callisto now becomes the new leader of the Order. Callisto realizes that the priority now is fighting Barateon to prevent him from his continued fight against the Order. There is an ongoing war between the Northrealm and the Middleralm, which Callisto intends to take advantage of, by allying wth the leader of the Northrealm. The conversation is interrupted as Akarus reports that Barateon's soldiers have reached the Monastery.

Dealing with the SpiesEdit

It is clearly apparent that you had been followed. Callisto resolves that the spies have to be killed, otherwise they might divulge the hiding place of the Order. Follow Callisto and Akarus as they leave the Main Building and join them in the fight. After dealing with the soldiers you and Kim are to meet Callisto in his chamber.

Callisto's OrdersEdit

As Callisto is aware of the danger that the Order is in, he assigns you and Kim to different tasks:

  • Kim is sent to undermine Barateon 's position in the Middlerealm, by winning over peasants outside Erothin so that they can put Barateon under considerable pressure.
  • You are sent on a quest to find a note (describing Narathzul Arantheal's whereabouts) located somewhere in the Library in Treomar (check a new map marker on your map).


Following questEdit

The Ruins of Treomar

Quest JournalEdit

The use of the console is same like in Oblivion. Description how to use console commands can be found here

In Safe Hands - MQ10
Stage End Q Journal Entry
40 The guardian of the Mountain Monastery will lead me to Callisto, the leader of the Order in this region.
50 To my surprise, I met Kim at the monastery. Arkt sent her here directly.
90 Callisto said that Kim and I would be subject to him now.
100 Apparently, some soldiers have found the way to the monastery. They can not be allowed to divulge the hiding place of the Order!
130 End The attack was repelled. Callisto would now like to discuss something with Kim and I.


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