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The Middlerealm

Line625 Erothin Taverns

District Tavern Publican(s) Services
Erothin Farmer Village Tavern In Front Of Erothin Babalo the Innkeeper
Barmaid Irmhild
Foreign Quarter Traveller's Tavern Innkeeper Huberto
Barmaid Tatjana

Other taverns

Cities/Villages Tavern Publican(s) Services
Furtsanden Purling Erodis Tavern Innkeeper Malus Barter
Giliad Tavern on the Crossroads

Innkeeper Eralda

Tirin Abbey Asmiralda's Adventurers' Shelter Innkeeper Asmiralda Barter Train
Salen Salen Inn

Innkeeper Left
Barmaid Jossi

Waverock Rusty Anchor Tavern Innkeeper Klaus Barter
Stonefield Six Fish Tavern Wirt Brom Barter

The Northrealm

Line625 Cahbaet taverns

City/Village Tavern Publican(s) Services
Cahbaet Devastate Tavern Paela Barter

Other taverns

City/Village Tavern Publican(s) Services
Darlan Freedom Tavern Hakil Barter
Mahrnitz Mahrnitz Brewery Ausschenker Jor
Sarnor Tavern Innkeeper Randolf
Barmaid Rosi
Barter Live music
Rudor's Trading Post Rudor's Trading Post Dealer Rudor Barter

The Southrealm

Line625 Ostian Taverns

District Tavern Publican(s) Services
Upper stores Sinners' Tavern Innkeeper Olla Barter

Other taverns

Place Tavern Publican(s) Services
The Desert Svens Secret Dance Club Alexa Barter


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