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Line625 (It appears that this quest was removed some point after (English), but the elements are still there as far as the note etc., however viewing it will not trigger any quest prompt)

Start the quest by visiting the Aeterna Camp (Directly on the road north from the Arcane Sanctum to Giliad.)

Main questlineEdit

This quest is available only after the Arcane Sanctum is attacked by Barateon's men and ransacked.

Underneath the stairs to the caravan will be the Juggler's dead body - loot it for the key and enter the caravan. On the desk to the right will be two notes: Minstrel's Note; The first will explain how the Aeterna came to this location, the second will be exactly the same but with an extra paragraph at the bottom mentioning the arrival of some of the Chancellor's troops. This will trigger a quest update prompt stating that Commander Ardon said he would kill the Aeterna if he spotted them again.

Head up the road to the Arcane Sanctum, shortly after crossing the dam you will find a camp with Commander Arnor and a few troops. Kill them and loot the Commander's body for a textbook (+1 LP) and a rune which grants Blizzard rank II.

The quest will update saying that you have avenged the minstrels, this appears the be the end of the quest.

Quest JournalEdit

The use of the console is same like in Oblivion. Description how to use console commands can be found here

Layers or judge? NQ14
Stage End Q Journal Entry
5 The Aeterna camp below the Sanctum was devastated and all the inhabitants were slain. Maybe I can find information down there telling me who was responsible.
10 The letter stated that these Aeterna Minstrels originally came from Erothin, and they were evicted from the city. It states that Commander Arnor said he would kill them if he saw them again. He could be responsible for the death of these people. If I am right, I might find him up in the Sanctum.
15 End I have avenged the minstrels. Arnor is dead.


  • The quest can be activated only by console
  • The camp is enabled only with active quest
  • Reward: 550 EP
  • Personally, don't see the reason for removing this quest. Garnet1 20:08, April 6, 2011 (UTC)

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