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Melting is the process of creating ingots/bars from raw materials and coal.

Skills RequiredEdit

  • Iron requires level 25 armorer and 8 coal.
  • Silver requires level 50 armorer and 6 coal.
  • Gold requires level 75 armorer and 4 coal.
  • Thorium requires level 100 armorer and 10 coal.


Tools RequiredEdit

  • Smelting Tongs

Acquiring the ToolsEdit

  • Buy from Smiths
  • Explore the world (moderately common to find. They can be found out in the open in many locations and are usually free to take.)


Materials RequiredEdit

The different materials that can be smelted are:

  • Iron ore,
  • Silver nugget,
  • Gold nugget,
  • Thorium nugget.

Acquiring the MaterialsEdit


Furnaces can be found in most towns, at the smith, and are free to use.


Each one requires four units of the material and a different amount of coal for each. To smelt you need to find a furnace to smelt in, and possess a smelting tongs. The process of smelting is simple. Activate the bellows next to the forge two or three times then select the forge. A menu pops up asking what you want to smelt. Simply pick the appropriate selection, and the raw materials are deducted from your inventory and an ingot/bar is added to your inventory.



  • Sometimes the game informs you that you need Crafting skill to be able to craft something. Crafting= Armorer. Simply learn some Armorer skill from trainers (mostly smiths).

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