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Miner's ArmorEdit

Light Armor

Name Price Weight Health Defense Enchantements ID

Miner's Chestguard

6 2,00 120 4,00 N/A 000066BF
Miner's Work Gloves 3 1,00 150 2,00 N/A 0000120C
Miner's Boots 6 3,0 90 2,50 N/A 0000185D
Mine Guard Gauntlets (heavy armor) 160 20,0 500 8,50
  • Fortify Agility 4 Pts
  • Fortify Life Energy 10 Pts
  • Fortify Crafting 5 Pts

Miner's Armor Set Male Miner's Armor Set Female
Mine Armor Male
Mine Armor Female


The male set is with Laced Leather Pants.

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