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Line625 Nimble's Tower is inhabited by Nimble, and so far is just a neutral character, oh and he doesn't like it when you enter his tower looking all over the place.I promised him not to leak pictures of his room in level 2 on the net but he walked away from me without saying a word. Just outside the tower you will find a lot of crops to add to your alchemy ingredients collection. The fields offer numerous amounts of punpkins, tomatoes and potatoes. There is also one another tower that is not possible to enter.



Nimble's Tower location

Deep in Whisper Forest, north of Waverock. When you are at the crossroad, turn north and you should notice a narrow stone staircase that will lead you up to the mountain.

Coordinates for Map marker: NimblesTurm1 (13, 5)



Items foundEdit


Nimble's TowerEdit

This is the tower where live Nimble. It consist of three floors. The bed is free (Nimble never sleep).

Cell name: Nimble's Tower - Editor ID: NimblesTurm

Items foundEdit


  • 5 Crates with random low items (respawn)
  • 4 Barrels with random food items (respawn)
  • 2 Cupboards with random clothing and low jewelry (respawn)
  • 2 Bookrows with random books (respawn)
  • 5 Barrels with random low items (respawn)
  • 5 Barrels with random mushrooms and food items (respawn)



Wingthor's Ascent map

Wingthor's Ascent map


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