Refugees Boat

Refugees Boat

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Line625 A docked ship with two people converted to Zombies. There is a note which explains their unfortunate fate.

Message from Tommy The DwarfEdit

It was a big mistake to leave Arktwend with the two brothers.
William's transformation is taking on even a more terrible scale. He seems to have no more understanding.
He has bitten his brother Verick in the arm. Not a pretty sight ... We then tied him to the mast. This disease, which infected William in the Forsaken Land, is not curable, I hope I do not turn at least.
The whole thing here is a damn crap shot!
Verick twisted his eyes ever so funny. He has passed out several times, he is sick? I think he is no longer here, I must go below on this boat and there is no sight of land...

Damn! William has bitten Verick's head. But he still moves. Prima! I'm alone, with two undead, on a boat and in the middle of the endless sea.

They circle above the boat - who want the dead meat. Hopefully there are not zombie seagulls. Wait! Gulls mean, we are in the vicinity of land!

Land! Finally! I'll get off this boat, I do not know where I am, no matter the main thing is to get away. The rest I will find out soon enough.


Refugees Boat Location

Refugee's Boat location

On the shore of Fog Tower Island, south of Mist Tower.



Items foundEdit



Fog island map

The Fog Island map


The two brothers Verick and William are characters from the previous SureAI project "Arktwend". The third person on board was Tommy the Dwarf (Dwarven Thief).

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