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Sancta Maia
Sancta Maia
Basic Statistics
Level 35
Health 350
Mercantile 8 (Novice)
Gold 512
Race Alemanne1
Class Mage
Gender Female
Essential No
Respawn No
BaseID 00206AAB
RefID 00206ADA


Merchant and a trainer of destruction in Mountain Monastery, Main Building.


Mountain Monastery


Pickpocketed itemsEdit

  • random Scroll


  • Trainer in Destruction
  • Recharge
  • Spells
  • Barter

Merchandise Edit

Apparatus, Spells, Ingredients, Miscellaneous, Magic Items, Potions

Barter listEdit

Burning Hands (Easy)
Fireball (Easy)
Fireball (Standard)
Scroll of Bloodline (Standard)
Scroll of Drain Life (Easy)
Shield Scroll (Standard)
Shockball (Easy)
Fire Oil - Rancid
Fire Oil - Cheap
Fire Oil - Standard
Frost Oil - Rancid
Frost Oil - Cheap
Frost Oil - Standard
Paralyze - Rancid
Paralyze - Cheap
Silence - Rancid
Silence - Cheap
Magic Items
Arcane Stone
Petty Soul Gem
Lesser Soul Gem
Common Soul Gem
Greater Soul Gem
Grand Soul Gem
Teleport Rune


Teleport: Mountain Monastery
Divine Shield (Level III)
Spectral Invisibility (Level III)
Soul Trap (Level II)
Telekinesis (Level II)

Leveled Spells

Fire Ball (Rank I)
Fire Arrow (Rank I)
Arcane Discharge (Rank I)
Inflame (Rank I)
Fire Bite (Rank I)
Frost Arrow (Rank I)
Curse of Suffering (Rank I)
Blizzard (Level I)
Blinding Flash (Level I)

Fire Ball (Rank II)
Fire Arrow (Rank II)
Arcane Discharge (Rank II)
Inflame (Rank II)
Fire Bite (Rank II)
Frost Arrow (Rank II)
Curse of Suffering (Rank II)
Blizzard (Level II)
Blinding Flash (Level II)

Fire Ball (Rank III)
Fire Arrow (Rank III)
Arcane Discharge (Rank III)
Inflame (Rank III)
Fire Bite (Rank III)
Frost Arrow (Rank III)
Curse of Suffering (Rank III)
Blizzard (Level III)
Blinding Flash (Level III)

Fire Ball (Rank IV)
Fire Arrow (Rank IV)
Arcane Discharge (Rank IV)
Inflame (Rank IV)
Fire Bite (Rank IV)
Frost Arrow (Rank IV)
Curse of Suffering (Rank IV)
Blizzard (Level IV)
Blinding Flash (Level IV)

Fire Ball (Rank V)
Fire Arrow (Rank V)
Arcane Discharge (Rank V)
Inflame (Rank V)
Fire Bite (Rank V)
Frost Arrow (Rank V)
Curse of Suffering (Rank V)
Blizzard (Level V)
Blinding Flash (Level V)

Fire Ball (Rank VI)
Inflame (Rank VI)
Fire Bite (Rank VI)
Curse of Suffering (Rank VI)
Frost Arrow (Rank VI)
Blinding Flash (Level VI)


  • The barter list is based on items stored in merchant container. The barter list seen in game is longer due to the game engine where merchant sells also things which is the owner and also equipped items.

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