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Seraphim ArmorEdit

Heavy Armor

Name Price Weight Health Defense Enchantements ID

Seraphim Helm

1300 12,6 440 8,00 N/A 00217690
Seraphim Cuirass 550 50,0 880 13,8 N/A 0021768D
Seraphim Robe (Light Armor) 600 13,0 880 19,0 N/A 00217691
Seraphim Greaves 180 25,8 660 9,00 N/A 0021768F
Seraphim Boots 130 12,9 440 7,50 N/A 0021768C
Seraphim Gauntlets 130 12,6 440 9,00 N/A 0021768E
Seraphim Shield 500 20,2 200 11,0 N/A 0019CEF1

Blade Two Hand Price Weight Health Damage Reach Speed Enchantements ID
Seraph Sword 100 25,0 1500 20 1,40 0,80
  • Frost Damage 5 Pts

Charge: 1000



Seraphim Armor with Shield Set Male Seraphim Armor with Shield Set Female
Seraphim Armor Male
Seraphim Armor Female

Seraphim Robe with Sword Set Male Seraphim Robe with Sword Set Female
Seraphim Robe Male
Seraphim Robe Female

Seraph Sword

Seraphim Shield
Seraph Sword
Seraphim Shield


  • These are Base Values. The features of Weapon/Armour depends on the players Skills.

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