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Sharpening allows you to improve your newly created weapons. This skill is restricted to self-forged edged weapons, therefore can not be applied to maces or hammers.

Skill RequiredEdit

Sharpening requires level 25 armorer.


It does not require any tools.


  • Weapon with an edge.

Crafting PlacesEdit

It is done at a grinding wheel, which are very common and can usually be found next to smelting furnaces and anvils. Most towns and cities have at least one.


The process is simple, select the wheel, then choose what type of item you want to sharpen. It will check your inventory for an item of the appropriate type and sharpen it for you. This will usually improve the value of the item.



  • Sometimes the game informs you that you need Crafting skill to be able to craft something. Crafting= Armorer. Simply learn some Armorer skill from trainers (mostly smiths).

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