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Basic Statistics
Level 50
Health 850
Magicka 0
Race Alemanne1Taranor
Class Knight
Gender Male
Essential Yes
BaseID -
RefID -


He is the leader of the Northrealm and resides in Cahbaet. He is also the one who dared to defy Barateon at the cost of his kingdom. Due to Taranor's declaration of independence his soldiers constantly strive to resist the chancellor's attacks. Consequently, his kingdom is devastated and at war. Yet he is enormously admired by his people who regard him as the one who defied Chancellor's blind ambition to rule over the Northrealm. Taranor is both loyal and generous, as he always keeps his word and grants you a Castle as a token of his gratitude for your help.


As much as Taranor does not normally approve of the Order's principles, his stance on the alliance between the Order and Cahbaet against Barateon is the same as Callisto's: 'My enemy's enemy is my friend.'


Barateon's AdministratorEdit

Taranor seems to know a great deal about Barateon as till recently he used to be his land administrator. That is why he was able to provide you with some Palace Directions notice during the A Mad Venture main quest. Later in the story Taranor reveals that he was an administrator for the region in which the Fog Tower Island is located. Because of this, he is able to provide you with the key to the Mist Tower, a place where Narathzul Arantheal is held captive. Barateon entrusted him with the key as he either overlooked Taranor or simply underestimated him.

The Fight for FreedomEdit

The LiberationEdit



  • In others' eyes Taranor seems extremely conceited. Not only does Callisto call him an 'egomaniac', but Narathzul Arantheal also points out his lack of humility.

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