• Tealor's Son, Narathzul
  • Tealor
  • Tealor Mistaking you for his Son
  • Tealor the Guardian
  • Tealor as Grandmaster in Enderal
  • Irlanda, Narathzul's Mother

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Description Edit

Tealor Arantheal
Basic Statistics
Level 40
Health 500
Race Alemanne1
Class Warrior
Gender Male
Essential No
Respawn No
BaseID -
RefID -

He is the father of Narathzul Arantheal and a devoted servant of the Light-Born guarding the Predestination of the Tel'lmaltath. He is the voice that echoed through the Creator's Temple during The Forgotten Fortress main quest. As he hears your footsteps, he realizes he is not alone. He mistakes you for his son who, he had hoped, came to release him as he was imprisoned in this place by Narathzul himself. Tealor is blind and as soon as he becomes aware that you are not Narathzul, he becomes hostile and disappears.


Creator's Temple


Magic symbol22

The Forgotten Fortress


Gallery Edit

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