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The Crater is a large magically contaminated area in southwestern part of Nehrim. According to Merzul the contamination is caused by the recent changes in the magical structure of the world. Due to the contamination the fauna and flora of the area have undergone drastic changes, even the sky teems in a violent way. The crater is inhabited by various magical creatues, undead, some exiled mages and members of the Arcane Brotherhood.

Recommended LevelEdit

30+. Though players beyond level 21 can do fairly good if they are careful. Large amount of high Exp. creatures makes The Crater one of the best places to level up.


In southwestern part of the Southrealm (see map). West from the capital city of Ostian and the village of Eltridor.



Notable PlacesEdit


The Crater location

The Crater Location


  • There is a large amount of Thorium and silver nuggets to be mined in here.
  • Even with high end computer lightning effects and distant land cause lag, though it can be easily mended by turning distant land off. The Dark forest also has a similar problem.
  • Arcane creatures like Astral Fires, Loose Rocks and Arcane Golems drop fire, void and mana salts respectively. These can be used to make powerful and valuable potions.
  • To my experience there is minor bug when teleporting from The Crater; stormy and dark weather stays even if you teleport to another corner of Nehrim. This is temporary of course and waiting/sleeping sets the sky back to normal.

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