The Master Smith

The Master Smith

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Lvl Type Health Damage Magic EP Respawn Soul Drops
25 Undead 420 30 80 250 No Common See description
Type of attack Immunity Weakness
Melee/Magic- Shock Resist magic Weakness to Fire 25%
Editor ID 23UNIMeisterschmied - 001F481C


The Master Smith is found in his forge the end of Steel Rail Mine. He uses a Steel War Axe and attacks with Electrical Magic. On his person you should find a pair of Shadow Touch Boots and a Life Ruby (20 pts.). His diary, entitled Diary of the master blacksmith, is also found in his forge.

Can cast Invisibility, has the ability Resist magic:

Reflect Damage 15%
Resist Disease 100 %
Resist Frost 20 %
Resist Magic 10 %
Resist Poison 100 %
Absorb Damage 15%
Weakness to Fire 25%


At Steel Rail Mine during the quest The Cry from the Deep.


The Cry from the Deep.

Items DroppedEdit


  • Steel War Axe




(This page was originally created by Blink1, TheHawkNE, edited in order to make it streamlined with the quest and the location)

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