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Published by: Highest Temple Lord Jagal, first representative of the Creator in Nehrim, keeper of faith, guardian of Ostian.

Citizens of Ostian and servants of the Creator,

the souls of the unworthy shall be cleaned in a purification and they shall be given the chance to return to the path of the Creator. However, the outcasts, who do not understand such things (or do not want to), identify the purification with torture, which is definitely not true.

The outcasts are former citizens of Ostian who defy the Creator under the leadership of Karazal and who have withdrawn from the purification of the temple. They are cowards who have fled from their responsibility towards the Creator into the wilderness of the Southrealm. There they spend their time spreading their pestilence amongst the people. They steal what belongs to us to maintain their parasitic lives. They poison the minds of the people with their heresy virus! If you meet an outcast, do not talk to him, for if you so much as exchange a single word with him, then the pestilence of their heresy has already infected you!

Instead, take your dagger and thrust it into the heart of the unworthy person! These people spend their.. I shall just call it, lives.. feeding on others. The common citizen calls such people freeloaders, parasites or unworthy people. I, Jagal, tell you that these people are not worth their life or their body that the Creator GAVE them!

The Creator is with us. And only with us!



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