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The Star King
Star King
Basic Statistics
Level 110
Health 645
Race Starman
Class 0StandardKlasse
Gender Male
Essential No
Respawn No
BaseID -
RefID -


The ruler of the Star People. According to Haimon, the King does have a name, but it is even longer that the original name of Anku, the Great Hall of the Star People. The King is an extremely jolly and fun-loving personality. Even when you meet him for the first time he mistakes you for a' bringer of joy', that is someone who brings beer to his people as they always purchase some beer in Cahbaet and celebrate fun festivals. He does not often leave Anku. In fact, the last time he visited Cahbaet was seventeen years ago.




During the Main Quest Into the Sky The Star King become Essential, Editor ID MQ32Koenig.

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