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Tirin AbbeyEdit

The first village where you arrive during your adventures in Nehrim. It used to be a safe haven for you. Here, you spent your childhood, protected by the teacher, High Priest Aratornias. It is a peaceful and quiet village with a few trade routes. You can find a Safe Storage Chest in the centre of the Abbey. The village has some basic buildings, an Inn, a Chapel, a Teleportation Platform, a cemetery, and some beehives.

You can also break into some places:

Tirin Abbey, Leanah's FarmEdit

When crossing the bridge which leads out of Tirin Abbey you will come across a small farm with some domestic animals and a field. If you are planning to focus on the Alchemy skill, you can collect a lot of Corn Stalk from the field near Leanah's House. Nearby you will notice an entrance to a locked Shed (easy). Inside the shed you will be attacked by one Nasty Kobold. Apart from the Kobold, there are plenty of flour portions to collect and numerous dishes.


Tirin Abbey location

Tirin Abbey location

East of the Shadow Song Mine Site, by the lake.

Coordinates for Map marker:






Secure ChestEdit

The Secure Chest is located near the tavern.


A Teleport platform can be found near the Chapel.

General merchants

Spell Merchants


Other services

Items FoundEdit

Only Tirin Abbey outside.

Special lootEdit







Tirin Abbey map

Tirin Abbey map


  • You can buy lockpicks from a Traveling Dealer.
  • Gerold the Hunter sells some Hunting Books . They are quite expensive, but you will be able to create some useful potions from the extracted ingredients.
  • Break into the Forest Shack and steal Hunting Book (skinning). They are expensive, but useful.
  • Inside the Inn, when walking down the stairs, you should notice a small Chest. Jump there and you will find Coal x15.
  • Buy Teleport spell from the High Priest Aratornias. You will probably need it in the future.

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