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Torn pages from diary Edit


Third entry: Cedric has obviously learned much more about the arts from the Shadow Mage, he has tons of undead gathered around to bend to his will. But still I will venture to the battle, even the undead are vulnerable.
Fourth entry:

May the gods help me! The remains of the Cedric's brothers, Gandhar and Elledan, are still here and alive! The brothers carry the Light-Penetrating weapons of the family and defend the pass. The gate only opens to a bearer of a Light-Penetrating weapon.
Fifth Entry:
Gandhar has wounded me in the shoulder with his sword, I have moved back here into this small warehouse and locked the rear areas, I have hidden the key in the bucket.
Sixth entry:
My wounds do not seem to heal by themselves. I need to get out of here... I have torn out these pages as a warning for all who come after me. I am keeping the rest of my diary.


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