• The Goddawn Swords (Claymore above / Great Sword beneath)
  • Schneller Stahl (Faster Steel)
  • Tyrfing, Avenger of Light
  • Armageddon
  • Goddawn Calymore
  • Teldor's Slayer
  • Star People's Broad Sword of Burning
  • Chrysamere (Arkt's sword)

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Unique Two handed swordsEdit


For Photo and details click on Unique Two - Handed Swords or Weapon name.


Place Q Enchantments
Aeterna Storm Great Sword Self made - Forging No N/A

The Dark Forest, on Ghost Rider Lazael

  • Absorb Strength 5 Pts for 10 secs on Strike
Blood Sun Sword  Ghost Shadow Ruin, defeat Lord Marzael No
  • Absorb Health 5 Pts
  • Absorb Magicka 3 Pts
Das Metzgermesser Butcher's Slaughterhouse, during the SQ The 'Butcher' Yes N/A
Evil Blade Random loot, defeat Bale Keeper No N/A
Grave Blade In Contaminated Mine, defeat Dead Tunnel Master No N/A
Goddawn Claymore  Melborn ruins (W of Ostian) No
  • Absorb Health 3 Pts for 2 secs on Strike
Goddawn Great Sword  Rullock's Cave, drops by Bandit Leader No
  • Absorb Health 3 Pts for 2 secs on Strike
Great Sword of the Arcane Warrior Buyable at Erothin, Master Craftsman No
  • Absorb Magica for 4 Pts for 4 sec on Strike
Massive Great Sword  Dragmore Ruins, Treomar, Southern Stone  Circle Temple, on Bale Keeper No N/A
Naginata Self made - Forging No N/A
Northerner Sword Possible reward from The Missing Master Brewer. Yes N/A
Oar on the beach south of Poor People's Last Home No N/A
Ruby Great Sword Self made - Forging No
Rune Sword Treomar, Nexus Tower on The Astrologer Yes
  • Fire Damage 10 Pts
Schneller Stahl
(Wind Steel)

Zerobilon (inside the enemy portal in Steinwelt) Fastest two-handed sword in the game.

Yes N/A
Seraph Sword in the MQ Hope at the End of the World, In Treomar dropped by Fallen Seraphim Spirit Yes
  • Frost Damage 5 Pts
Silver Great Sword Self made - Forging No N/A
Star People's Broad Sword Of Burning

Elemental Forge of Beldur; defeat Viren Flamebeard

  • Fire Damage 4 Pts
Sword of Purification Buyable at Erothin, Master Craftsman No
  • Soul Trap for 15 sec on Strike
Teldor's Slayer  Ruins of Narbu, defeat Marshal Teldor No
  • Absorb Magicka 2 Pts
Tyr´s Soul Cleaver  Inodan, if you choose to kill Tyr Yes N/A
Tyrfing, Avenger of Light

 The Gods' Forge (The Great Glacier)

  • Absorb Health 5 Pts on Strike


Other Nehrim's Two handed swordsEdit

Name Found Enchantments
Runed Iron Claymore


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