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As pinned on the Giliad public board: Warning! All Travelers are requested to avoid the area of the Steel Rail Mine southeast of Furtsanden and northeast of Giliad! The ruthless brotherhood called the Thieves of Sildonar has occupied the mine and attacks anyone who comes too near. Chancellor Baraicon still has not restored law and order. Earlier, lower levels of the mine were closed because of several strange deaths. The upper level produced little ore. Perhaps that is why the Chancellor considers it unprofitable to assault the bandits and retake the mine. Approuch the mine at your own risk!

Signed, Arnor, former shift foreman of the Steel Rail Mine.

Quest Giver: Giliad Public Board

Quest The Cry from the Deep

NPCs: Sildonar Smugglers

Locations: Steel Rail Mine



The Cry from the Deep


Nexus Axe of Insanity



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